Tragus Piercing – Cool Tragus Jewellery to Help You Be Different

The intricate curves of the ear offer many chances to decorate it with jewelry as it draw most attention when compared to other body parts. The perforation of the ear at the end of the ear tunnel is commonly termed as tragus piercing. It has gained popularity recently with the ever-increasing demand in body piercing. People always looked for change with innovative ideas and these concepts were behind this ample thought.




Mostly women prefer tragus piercing and executed with the help of small pierce. The small gauge hollow piercing needle is used by a professional expert to pierce your tragus. While piercing, a small piece of rubber is kept at the other end of tragus. A little bit of pressure is applied while piercing as this part of ear is fleshy. The human ear seems to draw most attention in terms of body piercing. Although small in size, its intricate curves and shape allow many areas to be decorated into an ornamental Christmas tree look-alike. Hence, allowing many ear piercing options to choose from.

Tragus piercing sports simple but stylish jewel which give a more elegant look to the face. Other than the usual piercing of ear lobe, tragus piercing is relatively complex and you need to lie back on a table or bed. No need to be scared about the process because of the advancements in technology which will help in painless piercing or with minimum pain. You can flaunt your new look with these stylish piercing and why waiting further? Get yourself pierced to wear fashionable jewels and attract a grand focal point towards you.


Tragus Piercing


The size of the gauge is important and usually small gauges are selected. It will determine the size of studs and rings you wear after tragus piercing. Tragus piercing is done on an unobtrusive part of your body and hence after care is highly important to recover soon from the pain. Try to keep the soapy water from this area when you wash your face and maintain it clean. To keep away from infection, you can use any prescribed antibacterial cream and try not to use anything else.


Tragus piercing has drawn many fans as they sport simple yet elegant jewels to enhance the overall look of their faces. Although the ear piercing itself is not overly complex, you will need to lie back on a bed or table as the tragus is relatively harder to penetrate than, say, an ear lobe. It’s always a worthy effort to check the credentials of the piercer to ensure he has the necessary training and experience.

Tragus piercing can be painful just like any other type of body piercing. The pain will usually go away after a couple of days. Piercer will usually take not of the gauge of the needle as it will be used to determine the size of the studs, rings or barbells that you are going to wear later when all is done. A special ring or retainer will usually be inserted into the hole right after the procedure. It will only be taken off when the tragus is healed.

Take good care of your tragus piercing and jewelry. Remove the jewelry and clean the jewelry and pierced tragus with saline solution every day. You can use cotton to gently clean the jewelry and your tragus. Proper hygiene is crucial as you do not want your ear to get infected.

The tragus is actually the little flap of cartilage located at the beginning of the ear canal. Tragus piercing has been gaining its popularity over the years. You can enhance your appearance by simply wearing simple yet elegant designed jewelry on your tragus. Your piercer will give you a complete rundown of what to expect and how to handle your new piercing though, so pay attention to their advice.

Tragus piercing is common among the youth and the jewelry is available in a variety of designs. You can choose curved barbells, circular barbells which are available in different sizes and colors. The cartilage jewelry is specially designed to enhance the look of ear to give a fashionable look. You can surely find out a tragus piercing expert easily and a tragus jewelry that will suit your budget.

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